Private GP Services

These services will be available in the near future.

If you are too busy to see your GP during surgery hours, need more time to discuss your concerns or would simply like the convenience of choosing your appointment time, you can see a private GP at Gosforth Private Clinic.

The Private GP Clinic, at Gosforth Private Clinic is lead by experienced GPs who are dedicated to providing the very best healthcare for you and your family. We offer comprehensive and latest innovations in healthcare with comfort and continuity of care – it is simply the best way of looking after your health.


  • We also offer same day appointment


Weight management is a difficult area for most of us and our general practitioners have wide experience and great success in helping people who struggle with overeating, under-exercising and addressing healthier lifestyle choices. 

Our general practitioners will discuss the 'syntax' of weight loss and help you to understand for yourself how diets work and why they usually don't work forever. You will be supported to find what is going to work best for yourself and your lifestyle.

They will guide you through the Physical, Physiological and Psychological aspects of weight management.

We provide as much ongoing support as you would like - from a single 15 minute discussion to a longer series of consultations to properly explore the issues.

Medications can sometimes help and these can be dispensed if appropriate.

Referrals can be arranged for those who prefer surgical or specialist intervention.

As an independent practice, we always put our patients first. Our experienced doctors are focused purely on giving you the best advice, treatment and care. Our long appointment times ensure that you will be listened to and understood. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we can give our patients, so that you have the comfort of knowing that your doctor knows you.


Our standard GP consultation is twice as long as the usual NHS GP appointment, allowing plenty of time to explore your concerns in detail. You can also book extended appointments if you feel you need more time – in fact we can provide as much time as you need. We aim to take the stress out of seeing a doctor.


• Senior GPs providing expert care

• Continuity of care and personal attention.

• Long appointment times providing as much time as you need.


We aim to provide an appointment when you want it – whether that is before or after work, when the children are at school, or at the weekend.  If you need to be seen quickly, you can book a same day appointment.  We are also happy to visit you at home if it is difficult to travel to us.


  • Appointments arranged at a time to suit you – including early mornings, evenings, and weekends
  • Same day appointments are available
  • Home visits
  • Many medicines dispensed on site saving you time
  • Prompt, efficient, professional service


You can book an appointment at a time that suits you


  • All of your examinations will be carried out by an experienced doctor, never a nurse
  •  A very caring approach to see patients
  • Promise of no hidden charges such as administration fees

We offer a complete Private GP Service for all the family, run by highly experienced and dedicated GPs.  We can offer all you need from a GP including consultations, prescriptions, investigations and referrals.  Please click here for full details about Private GP care.


In addition our private doctors offer many other services – for example Vaccinations, Travel Clinic, Health Screening Medicals, Sexual Health Screens etc.


We are also building a team of allied health professionals at the clinic, with the aim of providing a convenient ‘one stop shop’ for your healthcare needs.  Integrated team working is a major benefit of this arrangement, so that those involved in your healthcare can closely liaise and work together, maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of treatments.

We work with a very wide range of specialists who are experts in their field. We can provide referral letters for any speciality you may require including:


  • Cosmetic referrals & advice
  • Specialist & consultant referrals
  • Psychiatry, psychotherapy & counselling
  • Physiotherapy & osteopathy
  • and many more...

Our standard GP consultation is for 20 minutes, which from our experience is usually long enough to discuss most health problems that people have.  During this time, GPs take a history, examine and work with you to find the best possible answer to your concerns.

Every possible health need can be explored - from coughs to contraception, anxiety to asthma, cystitis to second opinions, insomnia to insurance, diabetes to driving medicals... Our experienced General Practitioners will do their very best to help you with any health or lifestyle issues you may have.

For most things a solution is found there and then.  For more complicated and difficult problems, where neat answers don't exist, we provide empathetic collaboration and a willingness to explore ways to improve your health, happiness and capacity to cope.

On some occasions a specialist referral will be required which we can arrange for you but we will do our best to meet your needs in house if possible.

Medications are essential for many health problems but can sometimes be confusing and even unnecessary. We can help you make sure you understand why you're taking them, how to take them and what alternatives there may be.


We dispense many common medications in house and provide private prescriptions for those we don't stock.


We can help arrange next day deliveries.


If you are known to us we can often provide repeat prescriptions for many medications without the need for a consultation. 


The costs of medications are determined by the actual cost of the medication and are very often less than the £8.05 dispensing fee charged for an NHS prescription.


Private prescriptions for medications we do not stock incur the small fee of only £5 above the consultation fee.


Consultation Fees


Consultation 20 minutes £80

Men are often careless about their health until it is too late. If you would like to explore ways to address the fact that women, on average, live considrably longer than men, we are happy to help and advise. 


There is a lot that can be done with screening and lifestyle choices to make a big difference to your life expectancy and how much you enjoy it.


Male Menopause (andropause)


It is increasingly recognised that hormonal changes in men as they pass middle age can have profound effects on overall health, mood and energy levels. Testing, diagnosing and treatments (including testosterone) can have dramatic effects on men's health and wellbeing.



There are often very effective treatments for male potency problems which we can dispense if appropriate.

We provide a wide range of general pratice services for women including:


  • Pregancy testing
  • Advice & referrals
  • Pre-pregnancy advice
  • Contraception - emergency & routine
  • Fertility counselling, investigations and referrals
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome screening and treatment
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Ovarian screening


and more...

We can assist you with any areas of mental health and work with the best specialists when more expertise is required. Whatever you are being troubled by we can together find a way to help you cope with: 


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Addiction issues
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Concentration & Alertness Problems
  • Adult ADHD


Q: How does Private GP Service benefit people?


A: The service is patient-centred with all of our energies focussed on providing the patient with the best possible service and experience during their visit. Benefits include “same day” appointments whether it be early morning, evening or weekend, a choice of male or female GPs, unhurried consultations with the patient having as much time as they need and want rather than the standard 10 minute slot, numerous on-site facilities including a pharmacy, phlebotomy, physiotherapy and radiology as well as the support of more than a hundred consultants.  Patients value the fact they can have all of their care provided by the same team on one site close to home, reducing stress, travel time and parking issues.


Q: What type of people benefit?

A: The service is flexible and is used by a range of patients including the busy professional or business client, foreign visitors, patients with minor injuries who wish to avoid casualty, patients who have yet to register with a local NHS GP, patients requesting a second opinion as well as the more traditional general practice patient who wishes to see a doctor quickly and without fuss.


Q: Do people use the service any differently because there is a cost attached to it?

A: Although it is clear from patient feedback that the patient-centred approach is popular, the service is generally used on an ad hoc basis when convenience is an issue or to complement local NHS services rather than to replace them. The cost attached will understandably be an issue for some patients who would otherwise wish to use the service on a more regular basis.


Q: Is the longer consultation time better?

A: Absolutely!  Longer consultation times benefit both patient and clinician. It enables the General Practitioner to really listen, engage with the patient, carry out a thorough assessment, answer questions, provide feedback and formulate a management plan. Often patients present are not able to identify the important features of their symptoms. A longer consultation allows the doctor to fully get to grips with the presenting features. All of this is done with the patient’s full participation.


Q: Does it change the way people receive treatment?

A: A definite yes.  The vast majority of GPs, whether in the NHS or independent sector, strive to provide the best possible care. However the reality is that the public sector, despite its best intentions, has to contend with ever increasing demands with finite resources that are already stretched.  It is certainly easier for an independent General Practitioner to treat patients in the manner that is expected by both the modern patient and the GMC as outlined in its Good Medical Practice guidelines.

Q.  How do I book a consultation?


A.  If you’re looking to book a consultation for Private GP Services at Gosforth Medical Centre, Please contact  Reception at the Gosforth Medical Centre on 0191 284 1355 or email 

We can assist with the widest range of investigations imaginable including:


  • Ultrasound scans
  • Heart Monitor
  • 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor
  • ECG
  • Echocardiography
  • Blood Tests
  • and many more...


The costs of these investigations vary according to the procedure but we keep our costs as low as possible.


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