Gosforth Cosmetic Clinic

The clinic’s doctors consist of leading plastic and aesthetic surgeons.  Under the guidance of these highly experienced doctors, Gosforth aesthetic centre upholds the highest standards of care and offers only the most effective treatments.

Unlike other practices that promote cosmetic products and treatments based on current popularity, we offer comprehensive treatment programs designed to fit and effectively address each patient’s individual needs.


State-of-the-Art  Treatment in a Private, Soothing Environment


The treatments we provide:


  • Acne Treatment
  • Body and Face Contouring
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Laser Hair Reduction and Removal
  • Laser Skin Tightening
  • Laser Leg Veins Treatment
  • Nail Fungus
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Psoriasis
  • Stretch Marks Treatment
  • Scar Treatment
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Vitiligo 

Laser Treatment provides an effective alternative to daily pills and creams


Acne is a common condition caused by obstruction in sebaceous glands, pimples and sometimes deeper cysts or nodules that occur on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and upper arms. Acne begins in adolescence and usually affects most teenagers at some time. However, adults too can suffer with acne. When severe, acne can often result in scarring. Even less severe cases can lead to scarring, if not properly treated.


Until recently, patients with persistent, moderate acne have been treated with only topical or sometimes systemic antibiotics. Recent studies have demonstrated, however, that certain discrete spectra can trigger endogenic porphyrins that naturally destroy P. acnes bacteria and in just a fraction of the time it typically takes for antibiotics to work. Within eight brief acne laser treatments, over a period of just four weeks, Laser treatment can provide significant improvement. This is three times faster than common antibiotics and topical treatments. Patients should achieve 80% clearance using an acne treatment that takes only a few minutes.


Benefits of Laser Treatment


  • Completely painless, with no adverse effects or downtime
  • Quicker results than pharmaceuticals
  • Safe treatment with 80% acne clearance on average
  • 8 easy treatments instead of daily pills or cream

For toning and tightening


As people age, the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun, and the stresses of daily life can be seen in their faces. Deep creases form between the nose and mouth; the jawline grows slack and jowly; folds and fat deposits appear around the neck. The Laser treatment gives you the best solution, providing a proven therapy for toning and tightening.  It is perfect for the treatment of loose skin areas by creating a thermal injury that stimulates the body’s ability to remodel collagen.




  • Treats cosmetically unacceptable laxity due to age, solar elastosis or post-surgical trauma, such as liposuction
  • No expensive disposables, grids or return electrodes
  • High level of patient and clinical staff satisfaction
  • Non-surgical treatment for lax skin anywhere on the body
  • Relaxing, enjoyable treatment


Effects visible for up to 6 months after treatment

The signs of an ageing face include lines, wrinkles, age spots and a downward drooping of facial features. Although having surgery can help to correct the positioning of ageing tissue, it cannot restore the skin’s once youthful glow.


For those patients with medium to deep facial wrinkles who wish to avoid surgical procedures but desire a youthful, refreshed skin tone, Laser skin resurfacing is the best choice.



  • Creates an ablative and thermal effect over only 20% of the skin's surface
  • Remaining tissue surrounding the micro-injury sites initiate the process of healing; as collagen remodels, skin tightens and scars improve
  • Considerable reduction in downtime compared to traditional CO2 resurfacing
  • All the effects of traditional CO2 resurfacing but with a considerable reduction in downtime
  • Less invasive approach reduces the chance of complications
  • Natural-looking results

Laser treatment for excessive sweating


Hyperhidrosis, a chronic disorder caused by over-activity of the sympathetic nerves, results in excessive sweating of the underarms, hands and feet. Affecting around 4% of the population, the social embarrassment caused by hyperhidrosis greatly impacts patients quality of life.


Until now, traditional treatments for Hyperhidrosis have been difficult, temporary and non-selective, necessitating recovery time for the patient.  However, Lasers offers a revolutionary new treatment for both Hyperhidrosis and Osmidrosis (acrid odour) providing:



  • Effective treatment for both Hyperhidrosis and Osmidrosis
  • No disposables or toxins needed
  • Selectively deactivate sweat glands
  • Easy to delegate treatment to other clinical staff
  • Immediate and lasting results
  • No anaesthesia required
  • No side-effects and no recovery time needed
  • Pain-free treatment

Laser hair removal is probably the best non-invasive aesthetics treatment available today with an estimated growth rate of 20%. Laser hair removal treatment is a very satisfactory both for patients and doctors.   While there are many methods to eliminate unwanted hair, very few can eliminate hair re-growth while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. And photo-epilation is quickly becoming the most popular. Lasers and light sources use the principle of selective photothermolysis to eliminate hair and its potential re-growth without damaging the surrounding skin. During a laser hair removal treatment, light passes through the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft. This absorption raises the temperature of the hair follicle and thermally destroys the cells responsible for regrowth. The attributes of the light (wavelength, pulse duration and power) are chosen to ensure damage to these cells and not to the rest of the skin.



  • No need for anesthesia or numbing gels
  • Permanent hair reduction of all pigmented hair on all skin types, including tanned skin
  • Low cost of ownership with no disposables required
  • Effective permanent hair removal/reduction
  • Comfortable and virtually pain-free treatment with no irritation
  • Minimal risk of side effects
  • Fast treatment times with no missed spots

Treatment for loose facial skin


With its ever-growing popularity, skin tightening has quickly grown into a good application for the aesthetic services provider. Laser treatment is ideal for targeting those telltale signs of aging, including jowl and neck laxity, sagginess under the eyes, droopy brow lines, and nasolabial folds


A series of three to six treatments produces a tighter, fresher appearance – without pain or invasive procedures.


After treatment


  • Quick and easy treatment for saggy skin under eyes and droopy brow lines
  • Deep dermal heating technology provides effective treatment without damage to the epidermis
  • Creates heat-induced collagen shrinkage and micro-thermal injury
  • Activated dermal regeneration, repair and remodelling
  • Quick and painless treatment makes it ideal as a lunchtime procedure
  • Perfect treatment for lax skin around the eyes and brow line

Effective treatment for psoriasis, vitiligo, stretch marks and hypopigmentation




Psoriasis affects nearly 2-3% of the global population. Psoriasis is a chronic, life-long illness and most people need ongoing treatments and visits to the doctor.  Traditional treatments range from topical creams or ointments to oral medications (which must be monitored for systemic side-effects) to ultraviolet phototherapy, which is extremely time-consuming and has other associated risks. The laser treatment provides Psoriasis sufferers an alternative treatment that includes no pharmaceuticals, reduces the number of required sessions and takes only minutes.



Vitiligo is a form of leukoderma, or loss of skin pigmentation. Vitiligo affects at least 1% of the world’s population, and about half of people with this skin disorder experience some pigment loss before the age of 20. About one third of all Vitiligo patients report that other family members also have the condition. Vitiligo develops as white spots in the skin that vary in size and location. The spots occur when melanocytes are destroyed and melanin can no longer be produced. Melanocytes normally occur throughout the skin, and in the hair follicles, mouth, eyes, and some parts of the central nervous system. With Vitiligo, pigment cells can be lost in any of these areas.


Severe trauma such as burns can also destroy pigment cells, resulting in leukoderma. Stretch marks, acne scars, post-surgical and traumatic scars can also produce a similar loss of pigment.


Until recently the only treatments available included UV phototherapy and topical or injected corticosteroids. And while none of these worked very well, there were some forms of leukoderma for which there was no known method of re-pigmentation.


The laser treatment has the ability to produce short pulses of 295 – 350 nm light, which has been demonstrated to successfully treat leukoderma, including Vitiligo. While most UV therapies require treatments that expose both the effected and healthy skin


After treatment




  • Faster treatment than either PUVA or UVB phototherapy
  • UVB handpiece uses high-power, spectral irradiance in the UVB and UVA wavebands
  • Effective treatment for a chronic condition
  • No need for topicals, creams or ointments
  • Reduces the number of sessions required to see results

Spider and varicose veins


The non-invasive laser treatment of unsightly leg veins is one of the most requested yet most challenging of aesthetic procedures. Because of the various diameters, depths and pressures found with these vessels, their treatment often requires a wide range of wavelengths, pulse widths and fluences. Using a combination of therapies, such as those included on the HarmonyXLi system, physicians are able to treat both superficial and deep telangiectasias as well as telangiectatic matting and hemosiderin staining.


Using the principle of selective photothermolysis, these vessels can be selectively heated and collapsed without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. Depending on the nature of the vessels, laser treatment can be used to produce the desired effect




  • Treatment often requires multiple wavelengths, and HarmonyXLi puts them all right at your fingertips
  • No risk of damage to the surrounding tissue
  • Effectively coagulates oxygenated reddish telangiectasias, as well as deoxygenated bluish venule ectasia and reticular veins up to 4-mm diameter
  • Safe and effective treatment for various diameters and depths of leg veins
  • No need for injections
  • Quick and effective treatment

Complete nail restoration with Laser treatment


The laser treatment for nail fungus is in most instances consists of a series of 2-3, quick treatment sessions, with minimal discomfort and no side effects. The lasers target the fungus located deep beneath the nail plate, eradicating the source of the infection with no harmful effects on healthy tissue.


After treatment benefits

  • No drugs or topical ointments required
  • Proven effectiveness in clinical studies
  • Quick results
  • Prolonged immunity to fungus recurrence
  • Immediate improvement in nail appearance
  • No adverse effects
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Long terms results
  • Fast treatment time (< 10 minutes)

Laser treatment to promote blood flow


With the growth of many non-traditional treatments like acupuncture, aromatherapy and medical massage, the laser therapy could be used to treat minor muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness, as well as minor joint pain associated with arthritis. This technology may also help muscle spasms, minor sprains and strains, and minor muscular back pain.



  • Produces dramatic, yet comfortable deep dermal heating without damage to the epidermis
  • Safe, concentrated light source
  • Topical heating to promote increased blood flow
  • Temporary muscle relaxation
  • Relieves pain in muscles and joints

Laser treatments for wrinkles and rosacea


Brown spots, broken capillaries and other fallout from photoaging are easy targets for laser systems that use broadband light to repair these defects through a process called photorejuvenation. Additionally, facial wrinkles can now be treated non-ablatively, contributing to a more youthful appearance.


Using relatively low-energy, short-pulse broadband light, imperfections such as erythema of rosacea, superficial telangiectasia, dyschromia, age spots and other discolored signs of photoaging can be gently heated and eliminated, replaced by newer, younger looking skin.  In fact, laser skin treatments for wrinkles and other signs of ageing can be done during a lunch hour and no one will notice any sign of treatment, just a gradual improvement in the skin’s appearance.




  • Quick and effective treatment for many signs of aging, including brown spots and broken capillaries
  • Easy treatment to perform with no topical or numbing agents
  • Cost-effective approach to an in-demand procedure
  • Reduces the signs of aging with a quick, 20-minute procedure
  • The "no downtime" procedure makes it perfect for lunch breaks
  • Treatment leads to continued effect over time 

Effective treatment for tattoos


With the overwhelming popularity of tattoos over the last ten years, the market for effective removal has exploded. Tattoos are created by injecting colored pigment into small deep holes made in the skin. Regardless of whether a tattoo artist or an untrained individual injects the pigment, the marks or designs are relatively permanent. When people subsequently want their tattoos removed, most physicians today consider laser surgery one of the best methods.


Laser treatment for tattoo removal is reasonably effective. During treatment, pulses of light from the laser are directed onto the tattoo, breaking up the tattoo pigment. Over the forthcoming weeks the body’s macrophages remove the treated pigmented areas. With currently available laser systems one can effectively treat dark tattoo inks, specifically black (which accounts for more than half of all tattoos), blue and green. Patients should expect to come back for several treatments to achieve the desired result.




  • Easy to administer, simple to switch between wavelengths
  • Customizable with a wide assortment of spot sizes, along with Quick Snap disposable tips that protect against cross-contamination
  • Can also be used to treat dermal pigmented lesions such as Nevus of Ota
  • Safe way to remove unwanted tattoos with minimal risk of side effects
  • Effective treatment for dark tattoo inks (black, blue and green)
  • Dramatic results after several treatments

An effective alternative to surgery with no painful long recovery times


‘Varicose’ refers to veins that have become enlarged and tortuous due to valvular incompetence. Functioning veins have leaflet valves that prevent the backflow of blood. When these valves no longer meet properly, the blood leaks backwards causing the vein to become abnormally swollen and dilated, or in other words – ‘varicose’. If left untreated, varicose veins can lead to more serious conditions such as superficial thrombophlebitis, venous eczema, ulceration and deep vein clotting.


During the procedure laser energy is delivered through a small laser fibre to a targeted vein, in a series of brief laser pulses. The energy is absorbed by the lining of the vessels, and the heat generated causes destruction of the distorted tissue area in the vein wall, avoiding perforations and damage to the surrounding tissues.


After treatment Benefits


  • High success rate and low recurrence rate
  • Safe and versatile treatment
  • No risk from anaesthes
  • Vein ablation is a minimally invasive laser therapy
  • Outpatient procedure
  • No scars or stitches
  • Minimal post-procedure pain
  • Minimal down-time

Non-surgical, quick and effective


Nearly all people have one or more pigmented lesions. Some are caused by sun exposure, others by aging, while some are congenital. Regardless of the cause, pigmented lesions are simply spots on the skin where there is a higher concentration of melanin. Some lesions are flat, others are raised. In most cases, pigmented lesions are merely a cosmetic concern, but occasionally they can be an early sign of skin cancer.

For most benign pigmented lesions that are of a cosmetic concern, there is a non-surgical option using the laser treatment. By exposing a pigmented lesion to short pulses of visible light, the temperature in the highly concentrated melanin can be raised sharply, enough to shatter the cells containing the melanin. The body then replaces these cells with new cells generated by the surrounding untreated area.




  • Non-surgical option for pigmented lesions
  • No need for topical or numbing agents
  • Quick, effective treatment provides tremendous customer satisfaction
  • Effective non-surgical treatment for a common cosmetic concern
  • Quick 20-minute treatment time makes it easy to fit into a busy day
  • Safe, effective and no downtime

Effective treatment for aesthetic imperfections

Patients spend billions of pounds each year in the UK on over-the-counter creams, lotions and rituals to treat wrinkles and marks on the face. As the population continues to age, this market is only going to grow. Ageing, sun exposure, heredity and lifestyle factors including nutrition, alcohol consumption and smoking can all contribute to facial wrinkling, and prior acne may have made the surface of skin uneven. These problems, as well as certain other skin conditions, may be improved with the use of the current laser systems. Laser is perfect for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles and photo-aged skin, as well as mild acne scars.




  • Pre-programmed pulse width and repetition rates mean faster treatments with no downtime
  • Lightweight design improves accuracy
  • Fully interchangeable handpiece connects quickly to the HarmonyXLi platform, making it easy to switch between handpieces
  • Effective treatment for fine lines, wrinkles and photo-aged skin
  • Deep penetration for effective treatment of aesthetic imperfections


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