Breast Clinic

Breast Clinic

Breast Clinic at Gosforth Private Clinic

This clinic is organised so that you can see the Breast Surgeon and have any
necessary tests during the same visit if possible. Ideally, you will also have the
results of the investigations the same day, but in some cases you may have to return within a week to the breast clinic.
You will see a breast surgeon, who will discuss your breast problem with you and examine you.
He/she will agree with you which tests you should have and these can be arranged straight away.
The tests may take up to few hours. New out of ten women with a breast problem or lump, do not have cancer. Following tests could be performed depending on the breast surgeon which tests are most suitable for you.

Available Tests

A mammogram is an x-ray of your breasts. Women over 35 will almost always have this test in the first place. Ask for the mammogram leaflet.

An ultrasound examination is a painless way of obtaining a picture of the inside of your breast. This is a useful test for younger women – and it may be the only test needed. For women over 35 this test may be done as well as a mammogram. Ask for the ultrasound leaflet. You will usually have the results of the ultrasound and mammogram tests before you leave the clinic.

This involves the doctor passing a needle into the breast to take out fluid from a cyst (pockets of fluid) or to take out a tiny sample of the breast tissue itself, for investigation in the laboratory. Some women find this uncomfortable, but it only takes a few moments to do this procedure.

This involves taking a thicker sample of the breast lump using a larger needle, particularly when the diagnosis is uncertain. You should have the results of this test within few days at your next visit to the clinic. At the clinic the doctor will discuss the results of your tests with you and the options for treatment.

Common Symptoms


this is a harmless, smooth, movable lump, which usually occurs in young women between the ages of 20 – 30 years.

Lumpiness of the breast

this may come and go during the cycle but is most common just before your period.


This is breast pain, which often occurs at certain times in the monthly cycle (usually just before your period) or can occur at any time. It is most common in women between the ages of 30 – 50.


these are harmless, pockets of fluid, and can be drained by fine needle aspiration.

Breast duct problems

the ducts (small drainage tubes leading to the nipple) can get enlarged and inflamed, hot and painful (mastitis). There may be a discharge from the nipple and sometimes abscesses form.

Breast abscess

It is mainly associated with breast-feeding.

Excessive breast size in adolescence

which can simply be the beginning of breast development, which often starts on one side before the other.